About Us
We are dedicated engineers with solid experience in engineering and project management. Our knowledge gives us a huge competitive advantage in our domain.
High expectations for competence and deliveries in right quality, at the right time and within right budget are well-known concepts in the construction industry. As experienced consulting engineers, we have noticed this daily throughout our careers.
For us with more than 30 years of experience from the industry, this means that we must have many balls in the air at the same time as the project activities are often complex and are normally carried out in parallel within satisfactory deadlines. To succeed with the projects, we believe that we must have efficient communication between us and the client, have full control of expected delivery and be able to prioritize correctly with customized overview. We believe that a lack of overview often leads to high work pressure. Lack of control along with fear of forgetting issues that need to be resolved have characterized us for a long time. For us, this often results in not getting peace of mind after the working day and low balance between work and leisure.
A solution that simplifies your work
Our user-friendly solution will contribute to increased efficiency in the projects we work on. We want to help clients, consulting engineers and contractors to improve control of their projects and their working day by offering a modular project management tool that helps them prioritize issues correctly, plan projects correctly and get the right overview of the scope of work without drowning in information.
Quantum Software
Quantum Software is a software development company, established in December 2018 by Sigudur Thor Gardarsson.
Sigurdur has been working in the construction industry for over 30 years and has worked extensively with overseeing large projects. He learned that there was no program that met all his requirements for a coherent project management software to help him oversee the projects. In 2018 Sigurdur had the idea that he could use his experience to develop the software himself, so he founded Quantum Software and recruited the team.
Sigurdur and his team created the framework for the software, by combining their experience in construction and project management and by mapping the needs of others working in the construction industry.
In august 2021 the first version of the program was launched.
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