We believe that at a project management system should be priced with integrity.

That’s why our prices will always be reasonable according to the services we are providing. It should never be a doubt about using our systems, it should always be profitable for you to us them. You will never be charged for something that you don’t use, even though you are registered as a user in the system.

Collaboration between organizations
Monthly per member
Soon you will be able to upgrade your project with additional functionalities we call modules.
You can read about upcoming modules in the list below.
Upcoming modules


The first payable module "Integrations" is under development. We plan to make that module available for the users of our system before the end of this year.

In the first version of the module we will create a connection to Trimble Topics Flow Manager (TFM). The integration with TFM will give you the possibility to synchronize your tasks from the Quadri server to our system.

Later on we will integrate with other systems, like Autodesk and MS Teams.

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